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Provavelmente, você, caro visitante, estará à procura das versões WEB com Alta Qualidade ou PDF. As demais versões são muito específicas. Se não sabe o que elas significam, elas não terão qualquer utilidade para você.

WEB: IRBAlta Qualidade, imgur, Capa AlternativaBaixa Qualidade*
CB7: google-drivemega.nz
CBZ: google-drivemega.nz
SOURCE: google-drive, mega.nz**

Versões Estrangeiras

Hebráico: kav.org.il

* A versão em baixa qualidade é destinada aos aparelhos muito antigos, com telas de baixa resolução e com graves distorções de imagem quando exibidos arquivos maiores que a resolução nativa. Evite usar este versão. Ela só deve ser utilizada se a versão em Alta Qualidade apresentar grave distorção no seu aparelho.

** A versão SOURCE contém os arquivos necessários para quem quiser alterar, revisar ou recriar a obra. O arquivo é grande e seu público alvo bastante restrito.

Disclaimer: The work was freely translated into Portuguese. Freely is a completely loose term. And means several things, including but not limited to:

a) There is no formal authorization of reproduction of the work with the appropriate comic holders.

b) All I did is free as beer and as speech. Make good use of my work. Do what you want with it, I could not care less.

c) There are changes in the names of the characters, there is inclusion of regionalism, there is an attempt to increase the number of comic relief, there are some changes in the original sense but I as a translator thought as necessary. In my understanding there is still a lot of loyalty to the central heart of the work in spite of all the changes.

d) There is low typographic fidelity to the original production and beyond that there are variation of fonts throughout the work in order to discover which are best viewed in the wide range of screens and resolutions intended that this work shine. I tried to opt for better readability over aesthetic pleasure. If the reading is impaired by the use of any font tell me.

e) All source files are available with the work. Were you unsatisfied with the work? You are free to translate the way you prefer.

 Comments are open to all, including anonymous. Make good use of space to warn me about translation failures, reading difficulties, links suggestions or changes needed in the content of this blog. You have a community? Want to post your address? Post here, it's free!

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